SCADS schedule

Upcoming meetings at SCADS


-27th February 2019: Emma Parry (University of Sheffield), Reading:

Decolonializing discourse: Critical reflections on organizational discourse analysis by Alvesson, M. and Karreman, D. (2011). pdf

-13th March 2019: Prof. Tom Bartlett 

Where are mixed methods going?, here

-3rd April 2019: Mira Lieberman-Boyd (Sheffield University), Reading:

The language of corporate annual reports: A critical discourse analysis by van Leeuwen, T. (2013)

-8th May 2019: Rizwana Lala (University of Sheffield)

The demand and provision of cosmetic dentistry in England pdf

Previous talks at SCADS:

21st Feb 2018: Nouf Alotaibi (University of Sheffield), Critical Discourse Analysis of the Saudi Women’s Campaign on Social Media

25th April 2018: Michael Farrelly (University of Hull), Reading: Word, Dialogue and Novel by Kristeva, J. (1986) Here 

9th May 2018:   Karin Zotzmann (Southampton University), Reading: Critical Realism in Discourse Analysis A Presentation of a Systematic Method of Analysis Using Women’s Talk of Motherhood, Childcare and Female Employment as an Example (Sims-Schouten et al. 2016) here

23rd May 2018: Sarah Hayes (Aston University), Reading: The curious promise of educationalising technological unemployment: What can places of learning really do about the future of work? (Peters et al. 2018) here.

13th June 2018: Rosa Escanes Sierra (University of Sheffield), Frugality and Fairness. The 2008 Economic Crisis and Morality, a corpus-based critical discourse analysis HERE 

27th June 2018: Dr. Nicolas Moore(Sheffield Hallam University), A Sense of Identity: What Research in ‘Identity’ Means for Applied Linguistics. Abstract 

24th October 2018: Dr Duncan Hunter (University of Hull) and Dr Malcolm N MacDonald
(University of Warwick), Re-imagining security discourse. Access here

28th November 2018Mira Lieberman-Boyd (Sheffield University), Erasure and abstraction of hedgehog extinction: Applying ecolinguistic analysis to Bayer’s 2016 Integrated Report PDF 

21st Jun 2017: Reading: Nancy Fraser, From Redistribution to Recognition? Dilemmas of Justice in a ‘Post-Socialist’ Age’. Paper attached here.

24th May 2017: Michael Farrelly, Using Nvivo for Identifying and Coding Intertextuality in CDA (Michael Farrelly, Allison Dunhill, Lee Fallin, Duncan Hunter and Shahadat A. Shahadat (University of Hull)) Abstract here

22nd March 2017: Laura Kilby, There’s power in forgiveness’: Charlie Hebdo and the prophet Muhammed Abstract here

15th Feb 2017: Jane Mulderrig, “The language of ‘nudge’ in health policy: pre-empting working class obesity through biopedagogy.” Abstract here; PPT here

16th Nov 2016: Valerie Hobbs, “The Discourse of Divorce in the Conservative Christian Church.”

26th Oct 2016: Minyao Tang, “Metaphorical representations of China in British economic press.” Abstract here; PPT here