Welcome to SCADS!

This interdisciplinary group caters for staff and research students engaged or interested in Critical Discourse Analysis (and cognate areas like Systemic Grammar, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse theory). We aim to foster a friendly and informal atmosphere in which to share ideas, ask questions, discuss research problems, and develop new research agendas. We aim to make our group open to all, including scholars who are not based here in Sheffield. For this reason we welcome ‘virtual attendance’ (via Skype) and encourage people to make full use of our website.

We meet monthly on Wednesdays from 4-5pm, University Arms, S3 7HG.


SCADS members are also welcome to use our website to carry on discussions, post blogs, and upload papers to our ‘feedback forum’. Please send your contributions to the group administrator, Nouf Alotaibi.

Hope to see you there!

Jane Mulderrig

For more information contact Nouf Alotaibi  (namalotaibi1@sheffield.ac.uk) or Jane Mulderrig (jane.mulderrig@sheffield.ac.uk)